A community of makers with a focus on the maker instead of the product

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Create the dream team of makers based on their skills in order to create the next innovative product. You can sort and filter by skills, amount of products made, country, etc.

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Get quick access to makers on: Twitter, Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, Github, and LinkedIn. Get inspired by other makers to create your next product.

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Experienced makers in the community can become Mentors and learn their skills to aspiring makers. We want to provide expertise to new makers and help them launch their products.

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Build your team instead of your product

Let's find a new way to make products by first looking for a suitable team. Connect with makers who share the same drive and passion.
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🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Focus on the team

The team is more important than the product you are building. Getting the right people with the right skills and mindset to collaborate on a new product will prevent the chances of going nowhere. Focus first on "who" and then on "what".